The SMART-reg dynamic online floor plan

Exhibitor Promotional Tools
A powerful booth and sponsorship sales tool. Exhibitors determine their sponsorship, booth size and placement by being able to view a real-time map of the exhibit floor.

We offer a seamless connection with our SMART-reg registration database to allow instant updates and exhibitors can see other exhibitors and sponsors so they can best position their event investment.

Here are the capabilities:

  • Offer your available sponsorship opportunities
  • Collect fees with their credit card
  • Collect all contact information
  • Collect the information for the show program
  • Register booth staff and enforce staff restriction based on booth size
  • Provide show management with an instant view “dashboard” of booth sales
  • Provide a bridge for our Smart-Appointment-Scheduler-System

Digital Colleague Locator

This service is typically used in the exhibit hall or the entrance where attendees are likely to gather. The colleague locator acts as a large digital message board. It allows attendees and exhibitors to leave messages using his/her badge to log on the system. The name of the messaged attendee will show on the screen so they are aware a message is waiting for them. They can then log into the system and read the message, at which point the name would disappear off the screen. The large display can also be used to rotate sponsor advertisements.

Product Locator (Online and On-site)

This service works with both SMART-reg pre-registration and on-site registration systems. It allows the attendees to obtain detailed information on the type of product(s) they are interested in while simultaneously giving you a report on attendee product interests. The benefit of this is that it allows you to sell booth space more easily with statistical proof that a certain product is highly sought after in your conference.

During the pre-registration process, once the attendees have registered, they are taken to the Product Locator site where they select the products or services that interest them and they can view on screen as well as print out a list of exhibitors that match their selections.

On-site, once the registrants have received their badges, they are encouraged to go to the Product Locator area where computers and printers are available for use. From these laptops, attendees can swipe or tap their badge to activate the program. Once the program is activated, attendees can select their interests and print out a list in booth order.


  • Attendees use their badge to access the Product Locator and demographic information is collected.
  • Track which products and services each attendee is interested in.
  • Show managers can provide (attendee interests) for their sales and marketing teams to sell booth space, sponsorships and locate prospects.
  • Sell booth space more easily with statistical proof that a certain product is highly sought after in your conference Product Locator.
  • Determine the return for produced events.
  • Provide exhibitors additional leads of those attendees who expressed interest in their product or service yet never visited their booth.


As a pioneer in the attendee promotion tool chest, our refer-a-friend integration leverages viral marketing to boost show attendance at tradeshows and conferences.  Refer-a-friend is an e-mail confirmation sent to the attendee and exhibitor after completion of the registration process. This e-mail is designed to easily forward to people in your network. Show managers can efficiently track top show evangalists and companies who refer the show and reward them.

In addition, this tool can be linked to any social media platform for further exposure and marketing.
CLICK here to see an example of a RAF sample email